Register for 2018 KCFA ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE, June 28 - July 1

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Greetings in Jesus name.

This serves to provide you information regarding our 2018 KCFA annual conference invitation letter.

Pre-registration is required – minimum amount is $35. A processing fee will be added for using PayPal. Please be advised that pre-registration amount of $35 is non-refundable and non-transferable.

When making payment remember to add details of person(s) being registered: full legal name, salutation (e.g. Mrs., Ms. Pastor, Dr., Apostle), P.O. Box address in Kenya to be added to the invitation letter and email address where we will email the invitation letter(s).  Letter(s) will be emailed from the KCFA group mailbox and you will be copied.  We do not mail letters to Kenya. If you want original letter mailed to you, kindly provide a mailing address.

To secure a visa appointment early, please advise your recipient that they can begin the process while they await the invitation letter.  The details are:

We will hold our annual conference at the campus of James Madison University, 800 S Main St, Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807, from Thursday June 28th to Sunday July 1st, 2018. Our theme this year is “Our God has not changed” taken from Malachi 3:6.

It is wise to share a copy of the flyer advertising the conference for additional information.

Please call or email with questions.


Wanjiru Mwangi,
General Secretary – KCFA