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KCFA Mourns Ravi Zacharias

On the 29th of May, this year, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) celebrated the life and legacy of its founder, Ravi Zacharias, who went to be with the Lord, May 19, 2020. Only three months ago, Ravi seemed at the prime of his life, defending the faith somewhere across this globe. His unanticipated passing has left a huge gap in the lives of many who knew him—a gap that will never be filled.

Kenya Christian Fellowship in America (KCFA) had the privilege of having Ravi Zacharias speak in its 2014 annual national conference, through the invitation of the then KCFA president, Dr. Duncan Kihoro. The very fact that Ravi Zacharias accepted this invitation was, and still remains, a testament to his humility. His ministry had a profound impact on the attendees of that conference, where scores of people either dedicated their lives to Christ for the first time, or rededicated their lives to him afresh.

Today, KCFA is in deep mourning, knowing that a giant of the faith has passed on to glory. Ravi had the rare ability of reading and interpreting cultural issues troubling our world and presenting God’s antidote for humanity’s deepest concerns with remarkable clarity. Such qualities could not have come without a deep walk with his Lord and Savior, a walk Ravi encouraged all his listeners to have.

Ravi’s gentle spirit and razor sharp intellect meshed in ways that humbled protagonists, even when they chose to disagree with him. His ability to answer questions of ultimate concern left many of his listeners in awe of the magnitude of the Savior he represented.

As we, in KCFA, come to terms with the reality of Ravi’s absence from our midst, we rest assured Ravi is now in the presence of Jesus Christ whom he loved to present to the world. Ravi’s life and legacy will always be a reminder of how God can use anyone wholeheartedly devoted to Christ.

We remember, in prayer, individuals such as Dr. John Njoroge, who helped coordinate the planning that brought Ravi Zacharias to KCFA. We pray for the staff of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries as they receive the baton passed on to them by their beloved founder. Most importantly, we pray for God’s comfort to envelope Margie, Sarah, Nathan and Naomi. Ravi will be sorely missed, and I am sure this is truer for Ravi’s immediate family. Meanwhile, the defense of the Gospel with rational credibility continues.

Joseph Okello, President

Kenya Christian Fellowship in America