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Who We Are

The Singles and Young Adults Ministry [Commonly known as “A Promise Generation”] is a department within the Kenya Christian Fellowship in America [KCFA] organization

Ruth Kilungu Director, A Promised Generation

Ruth Kilungu
National Director, Department of A Promised Generation

This group caters for the spiritual, social and developmental needs of the singles and young adults with a passion to serve God and to live righteously. VISIT OUR WEBSITE HERE

” Take Up Your Position”

To equip the singles and the young adults for labor in the Lord’s Vineyard and for purposeful and productive living

Mission Statement
To reach out to the singles and the young adults with a commitment to encouraging them to live a life of Godliness and being fruitful in service to God and to other people through integrated christian approaches

Our Core Values

  • Acceptance
  • Partnership
  • Reliability
  • Open-mindedness
  • Motivation
  • Involvement
  • Synergy
  • Excellence
  • Growth
  • Efficiency
  • Neatness
  • Encouragement
  • Righteousness
  • Ambition
  • Trust
  • Inspiration
  • Organization
  • Neatness

 Our Goals

A. To equip the singles and the young adults for ministry work through mentorship,training, guidance and counseling, career development, social skill among others for successful navigation through life

B. To reach out to others and to embrace them with the love of God for the purpose of winning their souls for the glory of God

C. To network and to bring together all singles and young adults allover the US states and beyond by organizing conferences, retreats, seminars and workshops
To encourage the singles and the young adults to be responsible, focused, productive and dedicated into serving God and people

D. To empower the members to take up leadership to steer the group into the next level through God’s guidance, prayer, critical thinking, team leadership and desire to bring positive change for the benefit of all

E. To encourage active participation in the events and activities organized by the group itself, or by the National Office of the KCFA or it’s affiliate groups

F. To harness the talent, skills and abilities of the members and to direct the same into promoting the success and sustainability  of  the group

Ruth Kilungu
National Director, Department of A Promised Generation
Home Chapter:  Boston, Massachusetts
Email: ruth.kilungu@gmail.com


Faith Millicent smallFaith Millicent Mburu-Mbua
National Deputy Director, Department of A Promised Generation
Home Chapter: Seattle, Washington
Email: millymburu@yahoo.com