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The Children and Youth Department seeks to develop and plan programs and activities that meet the spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs of KCFA children and teenagers. Children and youth are taught Biblical principles that they can internalize and apply to their daily lives.

National Director, Department of Children & Youth

National Director, Department of Children & Youth


  • To develop and plan programs and activities that will meet the spiritual, physical, emotional, and social needs of the teens and children.
  • To provide opportunities for them to come to a saving faith of the Lord Jesus Christ. To help the children to live a spirit-filled life.
  • To teach the children and the teens the Word of God and help them to internalize and apply it in their lives.
  • To provide opportunities for children and teens to develop healthy friendships with other Kenyans their own age.
  • To train and develop youth leaders who can become mentors, counselors, and leaders to other Kenyan youth.
  • To develop resource people and materials that will be available to those wanting to minister to children and youth.
  • To recruit a team of leaders who will be available to teens and children as counselors and mentors and in particular to help them through transition periods of their childhood and adolescence.
  • To plan and facilitate programs and activities during the annual conference that will encompass the following: Bible Study and Lessons, Recreation and Sports, Social interaction, Worship, Youth concerts

– Recreation and Sports

– Social interaction

– Worship

– Youth concerts

To develop and facilitate other on going programs the will achieve the above stated objectives.

Tabitha Wamakima
National Director, Department of Children and Youth
Home Chapter: New Jersey
Email: njeri64@yahoo.com

Margaret Masai  smallMargaret Masai
National Deputy Director, Department of Youth
Home Chapter: Triangle, North Carolina
Email: masaigirl@gmail.com




Rev. Stanley Karanja smallRev. Stanley Karanja
National Deputy Director, Department of Children
Home Chapter: Baltimore, Maryland
Email: stankaranja@yahoo.com