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dept_women1Vision: Our vision is to enhance, equip and empower women in their Christian walk. We seek to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ indiscriminately with women regardless of ethnicity, or denominational background. We organize conferences and retreats for women ages 18 and over. Our activities are offered in a safe environment where women participate in heart to heart ministry for women by women.

Charity Muriuki Director, Women Ministry

Charity Muriuki
National Director, Department of Women

New Wine – we have refused to change this message – until all have heard and heeded the call. Things are beginning to shift and change. It is no longer business as usual. Christ is offering you a new beginning.  He wants to take your old wineskin and exchange it with His new wineskin.  He wants to pour new wine in you and that the old wineskin cannot hold.   God is shifting things around in order to create room for new ones.

Changing – The way we have taken church is changing. God is in the business of changing us so that we can conform to His image. This is important if we are to impact the world around us. The Wind of the Spirit is blowing and new doors for a new level of glory reveals an old level of darkness. God does not want us to remain in darkness. He is moving us forward to a new level.  We need to know where we are and then ask the Lord to move us higher. However, before one can go through the new door, there is a shedding, a laying down, a yielding of some stuff in order to receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus is asking, “Are you ready to receive?”  Jesus Christ has come to help shift some things, change us, renew our spirits, and anoint us so that we can get to the next level. He wants to restore our passion for Him and then send us to touch the world and bring in the harvest.

It is my sincere prayer that your life will be filled with the knowledge of God, even as you continue to increase. May you find favor with the people He connects you with, but above all may you find favor with Him. Press on!

Keep visiting us and plan to join us in our retreats and conferences.  Tell your friends about this exciting ministry. Be active in ministry. Come and participate.

His servants and friends,

Charity Muriuki
National Director, Department of Women
Home Chapter: Birmingham, Alabama
Email: cmuriuki2000@yahoo.com

njeri njenga 2Njeri Wa Njenga
National Deputy Director, Department of Women
Home Chapter: Dallas DFW, Texas
Email: jerinjenga@aol.com





Recap 2013  Just concluded the 17th Annual Ladies Conference at Ridgecrest, NC. Theme “Under The Shadow of The Almighty.” (Psalm 91:1-2). Our Speakers: Dr. (Pastor) Joseph Okello, Rev. Lucy Kamau (Kenya), Dr. (Rev) Jane Kihumba, AL, Rev. Beatrice Ndura, PA, and Dr. Joe Njoroge

Most Memorable: lst West Coast Women Conference, Alhatti, Southern CA: August 5-7, 2011. Speakers: Pastor Osas Otasowie, North Hollywood & Pastor May Wamai, Seattle, WA. The conference concluded with the famous tour: 08/07/11Crystal Cathedral; 08/08/11-Asuza Street where the Pentecostal movement began in 1906, and the famous walk of Stars on Hollywood Boulevard. (When the director’s son passed away on July 9, the Lord spoke and said the preaching of the gospel must continue. Waiyaki Joel Njoroge  & his Sister “Star” were scheduled to guide the tour of Hollywood in August. Instead, Waiyaki’s grieving mom, Rev. Wambui guided the tour in his memory.  She will visit Los Angeles annually until the truth comes to light. “There is nothing that is hidden that shall not be brought to light. With Jacqueline by my side, the tour included a visit to LAPD.”  I thank God for the support I received from all the women in CA-Rev. Wambui.

Past/15th Annual National Women Conference: April  21-24, 2011 (Easter Weekend): Speakers-Evangelist Millicent Nyango’on, TX. Pastor Julia Tchamabe, MD and Pastor Lucy Kingori, Dallas, TX. The Theme was “Press On.” We continued with our new tradition of imparting the visitation and mission of KCFA by having the Director and The Deputy Director share with the conference on Friday morning. We got it!

Recap 2010:

2013 & 2012, Fort Caswell, NC,  2011/Seattle, WA.

2010 – 2nd KCFA Women Ministers Conference: 2010 (September 3-5: Touch Ranch, Bellville (Houston), TX)

2010 – 10th Annual Southern Region Ladies Retreat  Friday, Oct. 8-9, 2010 at Shocco Springs, Talladega, AL. 2009 9th Annual Retreat/Doubled Attendance. 2011 October 7-9/See: Southern Women Page.

2010 – 11th Annual Northern Region Ladies Retreat, November 5-7, 2010 at Kenbrook Retreat Center, Lebanon, PA/2009 -Increased attendance 10%. 2011 November 4-6/See Northern Women Page.

2010- 1st Southern California Women Retreat was held on December 10-11, Spyglass Drive, Arrowhead, CA 92391. Arrowhead is about 5000+ feet above sea level – we even felt closer to God. It was an awesome and blessed event. 2011 We are ready for the lst KCFA West Coast Women Conference! Now history-We praise the Lord who fulfills promises to His people.